Furqat bhi thi, rafaaqat bhi thi, najaane kaisa tha wo manzar,

Unki bewafaai se kai badhkar tha meri mohabbat ka asar,

Aa jaati thi phir labon par muskaan, laaut aati thi palkon mein namee,

Jab kabhi yaadon ke jahaan mein yunhi ho jaata tha unka zikar,

Ek daur wo bhi tha, jab unki tamaam chaahtein thi humeein se,

Guzarte waqt ki raahon pe chalte, badal li unhone chaahtein magar,

Bhulakar tamaam jasbaat hamare, kuch yun apnaaya taghaafuul unhone,

Jab kisi mod pe ho jati thi mulaqaat, chura lete the wo humse nazar,

Haathon ki lakeeron ko qubool lia humne, chhor diya us afsaane ko namukammal,

Unki adaavaton se shikayat toh nahi thi, thaa to faqat khaak ho jaane ka darr…

The Dead Innocent Kid

Deep down in our hearts, we’re all little kids,
An unnoticed innocence lies within, nurtured by our soul,
Our thoughts and intentions, are benign at the core,
Then what is it, that so artfully moulds,

Our good intentions into evil acts,
Which make us the opposite of who we are,
In the end, we’re all but innocent,
And the benign intentions stand miles apart,www

Is it the false pleasures, that the world has to offer,
Or the fear of lagging behind in the race,
Is it the demon, better known as money,
It’s certainly a greed, in many different ways,

We strive hard, to fulfill these desires,
We manage to grab more than we need,
What, then, keeps the feeling of fulfillment away,
Is it the guilt of our wrongs, indeed,

In the process of achieving all that we want,
We ignorantly murder that innocent little kid,
We successfully achieve money, power, even fame,
But fail to achieve the peace which we once did,

Then how can this all be worth it,
Why do we give up our souls, in a glance,
Lets not let the false pleasures drive us any more,
Let’s give that innocent little kid another chance…

The Innocent Little Kid